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Massoth DiMax Navigator - RED


To order Tel: 01242 517186

Product Information


Only a limited number of red DiMAX Navigators are available.
It comes as cable version, radio control can be retrofitted easily.


DiMAX Navigator
Now you can enjoy the never ending liberty ofcontrolling your model railroad utilizing the DiMAX Navigator. This wireless hand held control offers a variety of enhanced features no other remote control offers. You control your locomotive and send a switch command at the same time.

No limits
The DiMAX navigator is available with wireless RC. The wireless system is working bidirectional on FM and it is fail-safe. You may roam freely in or around your layout. You may recharge your batteries by using the bus cable.
The range is approximately 100 ft in buildings and 300 ft outdoors.

The DiMAX navigator is one of the few hand held controllers on the market that feature a white background lighting of the display and a blue/white keypad illumination. This ensures a safe operation in all possible lighting conditions. The background light may be switched off or dimmed to safe energy. The dial type throttle is illuminated too in various colors depending on the operation. In addition the stop keys are illuminated if triggered.

Ergonomic design
The housing is ergonomically designed with the weight being perfectly balanced. The symmetric design serves both left and right hand control.

High resolution graphic display
The large crystal display with its white backlight shows the exact operating situation of your locomotives as well as your layout. More than 100 locomotive pictures are stored. Every locomotive is displayed with a real picture on the crystal screen and you may name your locomotives individually. This enables you to distinguish between locomotives of the same type. The display also shows the state of the 16 functions of your locomotive, light symbol, the driving direction and the speed as a numeric value and as a progressive bar

List of properties:
  • 10239 locomotive addresses
  • 14, 28, and 128 speed steps
  • Functions F1 to F16 + light function (as key)
  • Locomotive pictures of all commonly used models in G-Scale (all LGB models integrated)
  • locomotive name (alphanumeric)
  • parallel and serial data processing
  • two operation modes at the same time: 2x locomotive driving mode or 1x locomotive driving mode + 1x switch control mode or switch routes,...
  • easy to use control menu
  • programmable STOP keys
  • 16 x 4-fold consist operation
  • 16 switch routes with 15 switches each
  • 2048 switch addresses
  • 2048 feedback addresses
  • 32 automatic functions for driving and switching
  • System display ( e.g. current amperage)
  • Blocking function (mode with limited functions, e.g. as a child protection)

The DiMAX Navigator supports all common programming procedures. The programming procedures depends on the DCC system used.
- CV programming ( direct and indirect ) now with MZS III too
- CV reading
- register programming
- POM Program on Main (program on the main driving track)
- locomotive address programming (direct input of the desired address)

Language selection
The Navigator can programmed with German, English, French und Netherlands at the moment.
Combination of languages are optional. Assemble your language package on your DiMAX Navigator yourself. 2 languages are programmable.
This will be done simply with a software-update.
In the Downloadarea are the latest language-files available.

The DiMAX Navigator is designed to be used with a cable connection or wireless and it is compatibel to the LGB© MTS III system. If you use the DiMAX Navigator with the LGB© MTS III system the DiMAX Navigator can only perform within the limited capabilities of the LGB© MTS III system.

XpressNet and LocoNet©
The DiMAX Navigator may be used with digital central stations working with the protocol of XpressNet or LocoNet©. The for this purpose required wireless DiMAX Multi Receiver will be available shortly.

Current Firmware
The current firmware version supports the operation of the DiMAX Navigator with DiMAX central stations and the LGB MTS III system. The firmware is available for download in the download section.


Product Code: 8134101


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